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Competitive Low Priceā€¦

PAT Energy's experience installing multi-megawatt projects and our relationships with top equipment manufacturers and financial institutions allow us to pass our lower costs on to our customers. Our in-house design team and construction experience allow us to efficiently manage your solar system installation project without compromising quality or service.

Bottom-Line Savings

With solar, you can achieve significant savings on electricity costs over the life of your system. Typical project payback is 5-10 years and after-tax returns for solar can be 15%-25%. With PAT solar power units you can save money immediately with the installation and ongoing savings from day on.


Solar ForHome

Power back-up for your home. Domestic computer and its Pheriphrals.

Solar ForOffices

Power back-up for your office. Domestic computer and its Pheriphrals.

Solar ForIndustry

Grid interactive stand alone photo voltaic power plants